Stella is a beautiful silver girl with striking jade-green eyes, strong chin, and puffy whisker pads. She has a long body with a thick tail and she is large for a girl at just over 10 pounds. (The crook in her tail is from an injury as a kitten per her breeder.)  Stella is super sweet and loves to give head bumps, face smooshes, and chat about her day.  She stole my heart within the first few weeks of her arrival as an almost 2 year old and I don't think I'll ever be be able to let her he go!  She is also the absolute BEST mama - she is completely devoted to her kittens and brings them treasures and toys just like a lioness brings her prey to her young.  Stella carries seal lynx point (blue-eyed snow) and is also a heterozygous silver so she can produce both silver and non-silver.  

Lyra is a beautiful queen from our good friends Meg and Jan of Elysian Bengals. We are very excited about her wild type – she has fantastic eyes, very nice profile, small rounded ears, and wide muzzle. She definitely looks like she stepped out of the jungle! Lyra is a feisty girl and loves to chatter at bugs and birds. She makes friends with everyone she meets and has already shown that she can pass on her good looks and personality to her babies.  Lyra became a CHAMPION at her very first show!!!

Nola is our homegrown keeper girl from a one-time-only pairing of Hunter and Zhara.  Nola has an absolutely phenomenal golden coat - she has beautifully outlined rosettes with no rib barring or vertical alignment.  She has large expressive eyes and a nice thick tail. She is full of personality and goes wild for chasing games. We look forward to seeing what she will add to our program!

Maia is our homegrown keeper girl from our grand champion boy Tyler and champion girl Lyra.  We love her gorgeous coat with its light vanilla background and vivid rosettes with acreage!  She has beautiful eyes, strong chin, fantastic profile and also a nice thick tail. She is the perfect blend of her parents' personalities too!  She is fiesty and playful like her mama Lyra but also super snuggly like her daddy Tyler.  We look forward to seeing what she will add to our program!  Maia received the BEST Bengal in almost all the rings at her kitten show!  We look forward to seeing how she does in the Championship class soon!

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