Current Queens

Lyra is a beautiful queen from our good friends Meg and Jan of Elysian Bengals. We are very excited about her wild type – she has fantastic eyes, very nice profile, small rounded ears, and wide muzzle. She definitely looks like she stepped out of the jungle! Lyra is a feisty girl and loves to chatter at bugs and birds. She makes friends with everyone she meets and has already shown that she can pass on her good looks and personality to her babies.  Lyra became a CHAMPION at her very first show and is now a GRAND CHAMPION!!!

Nola is our homegrown keeper girl from a one-time-only pairing of Hunter and Zhara.  Nola has an absolutely phenomenal golden glittered coat - she has beautifully outlined rosettes with no rib barring or vertical alignment.  She has large expressive eyes and a nice thick tail. She is full of personality and goes wild for chasing games.  Nola's first litter with Roux produced some of the best kittens we have ever had!  

Maia is our homegrown keeper girl from our triple grand champion boy Tyler and grand champion girl Lyra.  We love her gorgeous coat with its light vanilla background and vivid rosettes with acreage!  She has beautiful eyes, strong chin, fantastic profile and also a nice thick tail. She is the perfect blend of her parents' personalities too!  She is fiesty and playful like her mama Lyra but also super snuggly like her daddy Tyler.  Maia received the BEST Bengal in almost all the rings at her kitten show!  Unfortunately her show career was cut short by the pandemic, but she is now producing some gorgeous kittens.

Aria is our homegrown keeper girl from our triple grand champion boy Tyler and our treasured silver girl Stella.  We waited a long time for the right silver daughter of Stella's to continue her legacy.  As part of our outcross program she has a much higher than average genetic diversity for a Bengal!  Her COI is 15.5% and she has 39% genetic diversity!  She has puffy whisker pads, nice profile, and medium-large rosettes with very nice pattern flow.  She is super sweet like her parents, but she also has a mischievous side.  Aria also loves to play in water and she has her own fish toys that she likes to play with in the tub.  


I have always wanted an early generation Bengal female and we finally found the right one at the right time!  We hope that Sashi will add her many wild traits to our program - small ears, thick low-set tail, large nocturnal eyes, puffy whisker pads...I could go on and on!  She will also add genetic diversity as well since she is approximately 35% wild Asian Leopard Cat - her mother is an F1 (first generation Asian Leopard Cat X Bengal cross) and father is a G6.  She is very sweet and loves playing with our other cats, though in true wild cat fashion she has been slower to warm up to us.  She will sleep snuggled up with us in bed and loves to play with us (especially with shoe strings and rabbit fur toys!), though she does not want to be picked up or held.  We plan to spend extra time socializing her kittens so that they will be as social and friendly as out other kittens.  

When we decided to retire Stella, we couldn't help but keep another silver girl from her final litter with Tyler - meet Andi!  This gorgeous girl has great contrast, puffy whisker pads, THICK tail, nice profile, and medium-sized rosettes with almost no vertical alignment!  She is super sweet like her parents and very talkative!  She also loves playing in water like her older sister Aria.  Andi and Sashi have become great friends lately and she is helping Sashi come out of her shell.

Upcoming Queens

Willow is the daughter of our silver stud Hunter and our charcoal seal lynx point queen Nova.  She is an Apb-carrier which means she can potentially produce charcoals when bred to the right boy.  We are hoping she will help advance our dream of creating higher-contrasted snows.  This beautiful girl has gorgeous rosetting, puffy whisker pads, and she is just dripping with glitter!  She is super sweet but does like to get into mischief.  Willow is the highest jumper in our cattery and will literally ricochet off the walls - I call her the "Border Collie of Bengals!"