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Current Queens

I have always wanted an early generation Bengal female and we finally found the right one at the right time!  We hope that Sashi will add her many wild traits to our program - small ears, thick low-set tail, large nocturnal eyes, puffy whisker pads...I could go on and on!  She will also add genetic diversity as well since she is approximately 30% wild Asian Leopard Cat - her mother is an F1 (first generation Asian Leopard Cat X Bengal cross) and father is a G6.  Sashi has always been skittish around people and as an adult she prefers not to be near people at all.  But since she LOVES other cats, she always has a friend or two with her and is never lonely.  We have had several litters of kittens from her and have used a combination of hand-raising and fostering with other queens to ensure that her babies are well socialized.  So far all of her babies have become *excellent* pets and are extremely loving towards their people!

Willow is the daughter of our silver stud Hunter and our charcoal seal lynx point queen Nova.  She is an Apb-carrier which means she can produce charcoals when bred to the right boy.  We are hoping she will help advance our dream of creating higher-contrasted snows.  This beautiful girl has gorgeous rosetting, puffy whisker pads, and she is just dripping with glitter!  She is super sweet but does like to get into mischief.  Willow is the highest jumper in our cattery and will literally ricochet off the walls - I call her the "Border Collie of Bengals!" 

Sakura Wakumi "Umi"

Early Generation Bengal - G3/F3

Umi is our G3/F3 Keeper girl from Sashi and Onyx's first litter, which was also our first early generation litter!  Umi carries ALC agouti, seal point, dilute, and glitter so she can produce a variety of kitten colors.  Her genetic diversity is above average at 37%!  Her kittens are SBT Bengals which are considered fully domestic even though they are only 4 generations from the ALC.  Umi also carries Ta^M_pb which is a very rare Asian Leopard Cat tabby gene!