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Current Studs

Sakura Secret Ingredient



Roux is our exciting keeper boy from Stella and Tyler - as part of our outcross program he has a much higher than average genetic diversity for a Bengal!  His COI is 15.5% and he has 37% genetic diversity.  He has puffy whisker pads, nice profile, thick rosetted tail, and medium-large rosettes with no rib barring.  He also has obvious whited expression on his face with nice goggles and white whisker pads.  It really goes without saying that his personality is fantastic - Stella and Tyler produce the most amazing personalities - their kittens are so sweet and cuddly and a little more "chill" than most Bengals.

***Roux is currently leased to our friend Vicki at Dreamcoats Bengals***

Sakura Twisted Fate "Onyx"


Onyx is our first charcoal boy and a son of our charcoal seal lynx point female Nova.  He has a fantastic profile, nice long body, gorgeous rosetted coat just dripping with glitter and he is just oh SO SWEET!  We are excited for the variety of colors that he can produce.  His first few litters have produced some amazing kittens including our keeper girl Umi!  After several stunning litters here, Onyx will be moving on to contribute his fabulous genetics to a friend's breeding program!

Upcoming Studs

SGC Sakura Starlord "Quill"


Quill is our keeper boy from our homegrown "Maia" Sakura Winter Star and IW SGC Rainforest Apocalypso of Bengallily "Paco."  We are excited to be showing him in TICA for the 2022-2023 show season!  Quill received his Championship title at his first adult show and advanced to Quadruple Grand Champion at his second adult show and became a SUPREME at his 4th show!  We are so very proud of him.  Not only is he beautiful, but his personality is incredible - he is such a sweet boy that loves everyone.  More photos here: Sakura Starlord

MirandasRanch Blackjack of Sakura "Jack"


Jack is our new silver boy who also carries Apb and cs, so he will be helping us reach our goal of creating silver double-Apb charcoal snows!  He is SUPER sweet, playful, goofy, and enjoys showing too.  These photos are of him participating in the Junior Exhibitors' ring with our son.  New photos coming soon.  Jack is PKDef N/N and PRAb clear and will be HCM screened prior to breeding.

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