Tyler is our beautiful brown boy with gorgeous golden coloring, large rosettes, and the absolute sweetest personality! Tyler loves attention and is always purring and "making biscuits!"  He definitely passes on his amazing personality and large rosettes to his kittens!  He has a long muscular body, thick tail, and nice profile as well. His coat is soooo soft, too!

Tyler became a CHAMPION in his very first day of showing and a GRAND CHAMPION during his second show!  We are so proud of him!

Hunter is a fantastic silver boy with DARK random markings and barely any tarnish. He has a very nice profile, striking jade green eyes, and long body. He loves to play fetch and is super cuddly as well. Hunter is a heterozygous silver which means he can produce both silver and non-silver kittens. He also carries snow and non-agouti (melanistic), so he can produce a wide variety of colors!

Kade is a CHARCOAL Seal Lynx Point that is visiting us from Wildlegacy Bengals in Florida.  We have been wanting to introduce charcoal into our program for quite awhile so we are very excited to have Kade here.  We love his small ears, thick tail, and he is such a sweet boy too!

Kade was one of the first few Bengals registered as CHARCOAL in TICA in 2019 and also is among the first 10 charcoal Bengals to be shown in New Traits!  This is an important step towards charcoals being recognized.  We are excited to be a part of the progression for charcoal recognition in TICA!

Roux is our exciting keeper boy from Stella and Tyler - as part of our outcross program he has a much higher than average genetic diversity for a Bengal!  His COI is 15.5% and he has 36.7% genetic diversity.  He has puffy whisker pads, nice profile, thick tail, medium-large rosettes, and he has obvious whited expression on his face with nice goggles and white whisker pads.  It really goes without saying that his personality is fantastic - Stella and Tyler produce the most amazing personalities - their kittens are so sweet and cuddly and a little more "chill" than most Bengals.

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