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Kitten Adoption Information

Updated 5/31/2023 


Chat with our happy clients and see photos of our kittens in their new homes by clicking on the link below to visit our Facebook group:

Included with your Bengal Kitten:

  • Spay/Neuter done before your kitten comes home

    • Neuters are done at 14 weeks and boys can usually leave 3-4 days later​.

    • ​Spays are done at 14 weeks and girls can usually leave 7-10 days later.​

  • Microchip with prepaid lifetime registration

  • TICA registration and 5-generation pedigree

  • Vaccinations for Feline Distemper (Panleukopenia), Herpes Virus, & Calici given at 6, 9, and 12 weeks

  • Preventative deworming done at 3, 6, and 9 weeks

  • Clear parasite check with PCR testing

  • Health guarantee (see policies for details)

  • Detailed health records on your kitten

  • Minimum of two veterinary examinations

  • 30-days of Trupanion Pet Insurance (must be activated by new owner)

  • Genetic testing results for both your kittens' parents

  • Copies of parents' Heart Screening results as available

  • Photos of your kitten from birth to present

  • Several pounds of our homemade raw food

  • Sample bag of our favorite Catalyst Cat Litter

  • Several favorite toys and a small cuddle blanket

  • Advice/Support for your Bengal's lifetime!

Sakura Bengals Pricing:

*subject to change*

Pet Prices (SBT - Generation 4-10+)

Brown or Snow Spotted $2200-2800+

Silver or Charcoal Spotted $2400-3000+

Outcross Kittens or Retired Adults $500-800+

Read about Outcrossing here: Outcrossing.

Early Generation Kitten Prices (Generation 3):

F3/G3 Pet Male or Female: $3500-4000

Read about EGs here: Early Generation Bengals.

Breeding Kitten Prices:

SBT Male/Female: $4500+

Early Generation Breeder Female: $6000+

***Approved Catteries Only***



Brown Rosetted Male

$2000 - Available

Sakura Northern Lights "Nola" & Sakura Secret Ingredient "Roux"

This boy loves attention and FOOD!  He will meow at us if he thinks he isn't getting enough of either!  He will need a home that can give him a lot of attention, but keep him on a high quality diet and not allow him to overeat.  He loves to play and has a very soft, extremely glittered, and rosetted coat.  He will be ready to go to his new home in mid-May.

Umi's Sushi

Sakura Wakumi "Umi" & Sakura Secret Ingredient "Roux"

Born in early March ready to go home in mid June.

***These kittens are 4th generation from the ALC which means they are the earliest generation that is considered fully domestic. They are show eligible in TICA!***

Skye (formerly Ika)

Seal Lynx Point Female

Reserved for Chris

$2500 as a Pet

Achilles (formerly Toro)

Seal Lynx Point Male

$2400 as a Pet

Reserved for Nestor

Tako - Brown Male

$3000 as a Pet

Reserved for Katie

Tako has a slight problem with his left inner eyelid, which is being taken care

of by our vet and will be fully healed before he goes home.