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Kitten Adoption Information


Chat with our happy clients and see photos of our kittens in their new homes by clicking on the link below to visit our Facebook group:

Included with your Bengal Kitten:

  • Spay/Neuter done before your kitten comes home

    • Neuters are done at 14 weeks and boys can usually leave 3-4 days later​.

    • ​Spays are done at 14 weeks and girls can usually leave 7-10 days later.​

  • Microchip with prepaid lifetime registration

  • TICA registration and 5-generation pedigree

  • Vaccinations for Feline Distemper (Panleukopenia), Herpes Virus, & Calici given at 6, 9, and 12 weeks

  • Preventative deworming done at 3, 6, and 9 weeks

  • Clear parasite check with PCR testing

  • Health guarantee (see policies for details)

  • Detailed health records on your kitten

  • Minimum of two veterinary examinations

  • 30-days of Trupanion Pet Insurance (must be activated by new owner)

  • Genetic testing results for both your kittens' parents

  • Copies of parents' Heart Screening results as available

  • Several pounds of our homemade raw food

  • Sample bag of our favorite Catalyst Cat Litter

  • Several favorite toys and a small cuddle blanket

  • Advice/Support for your Bengal's lifetime!

Sakura Bengals Pricing:

Pricing is subject to change based on rising vet costs, food costs, and everything else.

Pet Prices (SBT - Generation 4-10+)

4th Generation (4G/SBT) $2800-3200+

5th-10th Generation (SBT) $2200-3000+

75% Bengal Outcross (B3N) $1500

Retired Adults $600-1000+

Read about Outcrossing here: Outcrossing.

Early Generation Kitten Prices (Generation 3):

3rd Generation (3G/F3) $3200-4000

Read about EGs here: Early Generation.

Breeding Kitten Prices:

SBT Male/Female: $5000-6000

Early Generation Breeder Female: $6000+

***Approved Catteries Only***


Updated 6/14/2024

Sakura Winters End "Willow" X

Jungletrax Future of Sakura "Future"

Born in March - Ready to go now!


MALE - Brown



Fill out our application if you are interested!

Katzmeow Sweet Jasmine "Jazzy" X

MirandasRanch Blackjack of Sakura "Jack"

Born in late March and ready to go in July!


MALE - Silver



Shadowfax (formerly Finn)

MALE - Charcoal Mink



Sakura Hikari X RW SGC Sakura Starlord "Quill"

Born in April.


Show/Breeder Quality

Brown Female


Sakura Windsong "Aria" X

BW MirandasRanch Blackjack of Sakura "Jack"


Since Hikari had a single kitten in her litter a few days before Aria had this litter of 6, I decided to foster 2 of Aria's kittens to Hikari.  It is better for Hikari's kitten to have littermates and Hikari can easily raise a litter of 3.  Aria will have an easier time raising 4 kittens instead of 6.  Sometimes we do that for the betterment of both kittens and mothers when the kittens are close enough in age.  Aria didn't know I took the kittens when she'd hopped out of the nest box to eat.  Hikari immediately took the extra two kittens I gave her as her own.  I mention it because that's why the photos of this litter won't always be consistent between the two groups of kittens.  For the first 8 weeks or so Hubble and Hopper belong to Hikari along with her birthed kitten Haruka.  The other 4 belong to Aria.  Once the kittens from both groups leave the nursery and move into the main area of the house in a few weeks, they'll all integrate and become siblings regardless of parents/litter as all our kittens that are raised together do.


FEMALE - Brown