Information and Availability Updated 9/28/2022

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9/26/22 ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  We will be at the TICA Cat Show in Richmond, VA the weekend of October 15-16th and may be bringing some of our available kittens!!!

Email me at if you want to know more about where to meet us!

Included with your Bengal Kitten:

  • Spay/Neuter done before your kitten comes home

  • Vaccinations for Feline Distemper, Herpes Virus, & Calici

  • Microchip with prepaid lifetime registration

  • TICA registration and 5-generation pedigree

  • Health guarantee (see policies for details)

  • Detailed health records on your kitten

  • Minimum of two veterinary examinations

  • 30-days of Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Genetic testing results for both your kittens' parents

  • HCM screening results for both your kittens' parents

  • Photos of your kitten from birth to present

  • Several pounds of our homemade raw food

  • 10 lb bag of our favorite Catalyst Cat Litter

  • Several favorite toys and a small cuddle blanket

  • Delivery within 4-hour drive (if needed)

  • Advice/Support for your Bengal's lifetime!

Kitten Prices (Generation 4-10):

Brown or Snow Spotted $1500-2400

Silver or Charcoal Spotted $2400-2800

Solid or Marble (any color) $1200-1600

Outcross Kittens (1/2 Bengal) $500-800

Early Generation Kitten Prices (Generation 3):

F3/G3 Pet Male or Female: $3000-3500

Read about EGs here: Early Generation Bengals

Breeding Kitten Prices:

*to approved TICA-registered catteries only*

SBT Male/Female: $4500+

Early Generation Breeder Female: $5500+

Outcross Kittens (1/2 Bengal) $1200-1600

We are now offering delivery of your Bengal to most United States airports!  The cost for airport delivery depends on current airline ticket prices.  Current price range is $800-1200.  Delivery for 2 kittens to the same location is the same as the price for one!  Ground transportation is also available. Price varies based on distance.  We do not ship our kittens via cargo.

Sakura Northern Lights "Nola" &

RW QGC Wildernesswell Taboo of Wild Legacy "Taboo":

Thank you to our friends Rommey and Jim at WildLegacy Bengals in Florida for letting us borrow Taboo!  Photos of Taboo can be found here: WildLegacy Bengals

For unknown reasons, Turtle and Winter have been passed over several times for younger kittens.  They are now 5 months old and are still looking for a home.  We have reduced their prices and are even offering the crazy-low price of $2000 for BOTH brothers together!!!  They are both absolutely amazing and it is shocking to me that they haven't been snatched up already.

Turtle - Brown Male

$1500 Pet

AVAILABLE and Ready Now!


Turtle is a really fun kitten - he loves people and loves to play.  We have started harness training him since he has the right personality to be an adventure cat!  He is glittered!  We took him to a show recently and he had a great time!  He meowed to tell us he wasn't a fan of the cage in the judge's rings (of course!) but he enjoyed the car ride, hotel room, and meeting lots of people.

Winter - Brown Male

$1500 Pet

AVAILABLE and Ready Now!


Winter is just as much fun as his brother, though he prefers to be home with his people rather than traveling.  He loves playing with other cats and dogs.  His rosettes are even more beautiful in person, and he has a very wild-looking face with puffy whisker pads!

Only $2000 for both Turtle and Winter together!

Maia's "Dune Planets" Litter

Sakura Winter Star "Maia" & Sakura Twisted Fate "Onyx":

Ready for new homes in early October.

Kaitain - Brown Male

Reserved for Eboni!

Kaitain is absolutely stunning! He has large rosettes with glitter and he has a very outgoing personality.  His coat is amazingly soft as well.

Arrakis - Brown Male

$2000 Pet

Reserved for Chris P!

Arrakis has a lovely coat with super dark markings that may rosette as he grows.  He is a little smaller than his siblings, but is catching up!  He is very cuddly and a bit more laid back.

Caladan - Seal Lynx Male

RESERVED for Alexandra!

We are excited for Caladan to be going to our friends Alexandra and Byron who have our beloved Ren from one of our Spring litters!  Cal is super sweet, playful, and oh so gorgeous with those blue eyes and rosetted coat!  His markings will darken as he grows and he is glittered as well.

Sashi's "Japanese Cities" Litter


Rainforest Sashimi "Sashi" & Sakura Secret Ingredient "Roux":

***Early Generation (G3/F3)***

Ready for new homes in mid November.

Accepting Applications Now!

Osaka - Brown Male

$3200 Pet


Kyoto - Brown Male

$3200 Pet


Aria's "Flowers" Litter

Sakura Windsong "Aria" & Sakura Twisted Fate "Onyx":

Ready for new homes in late November. 

Accepting Applications Now!

Snapdragon - Silver Male

$2400 Pet

Reserved for Elisha!

Lily - Silver Female

$2200 Pet


Marigold - Brown Female

$2000 Pet


Daisy - Brown Female

$2000 Pet


Elder - Brown Male

$2200 Pet