Nola & Roux's "Royal" Litter
Born 8/18/20, ready to go in late November

Evie (formerly Makeda)


Senna (formerly Lalla)


Diana - Brown Female

RESERVED for Michelle

Amina - Brown Female


Harry - Brown Male

RESERVED for Claudiu

Stella & Tyler's Vampire Litter

Born 10/23/20, ready to go in late January

Lestat - brown spotted/rosetted boy - RESERVED for wait list $1800

Akasha - silver spotted/rosetted girl - RESERVED for wait list $2000

Claudia - silver spotted/rosetted girl - RESERVED for wait list $2000


Maia's X-Men Litter

Born 10/23/20, ready to go in late January

Callisto - silver spotted/rosetted girl - RESERVED for wait list $2000

Storm - seal lynx point (snow) marble girl - RESERVED for Kayla $1500

Mystique - brown sheeted marble girl - AVAILABLE $1200

Bolt - silver sheeted marble boy - AVAILABLE $1200

Spyke - silver spotted/rosetted boy (has special needs, may be staying with us)

Nova's Upcoming Litter

Due in Early December, ready to go in early/mid March

Expecting Silver, Brown, & Seal Lynx Point (Snow), Charcoal, Solids of all colors

Spotted/Rosetted and Marbled Possible


Brown spotted $1600-1800

Silver or Snow Spotted $1800-2000

Charcoal Spotted $2000-2200

Solid (any color) $1200-1500

Marble (any color) $1200-1500

Accepting Deposits for our Priority Wait List NOW!

Included with your Bengal Kitten:

  • Spay/Neuter done before your kitten comes home

  • Vaccinations for Feline Distemper, Herpes Virus, & Calici

  • Microchip with prepaid lifetime registration

  • TICA registration slip and 5-generation pedigree

  • Health guarantee (see policies for details)

  • Detailed health records on your kitten

  • Minimum of two veterinary examinations

  • Genetic testing results for both your kittens' parents

  • HCM screening results for both your kittens' parents

  • Photos of your kitten from birth to present

  • One week supply of our homemade raw food

  • 10 lb bag of our favorite Catalyst Cat Litter

  • Several favorite toys and a small cuddle blanket 

Ready to start your kitten adoption?

Please fill out our kitten application by clicking the button below.

Planned Litters

Lyra X Tyler - Planned for December 2020

***Brown spotted/rosetted***

Nola X Tyler - Planned for early 2021

***Brown spotted/rosetted***

Maia X Hunter - planned for Spring 2021

***Silver and brown spotted/rosetted with possibility of snow and marble***

Nova X Tyler - planned for Summer 2021

***Brown spotted/rosetted***

Lyra X Roux - planned for Summer 2021

***Brown spotted/rosetted and seal lynx point (snow)***

Aria X Onyx - planned for Summer 2021

***Silver and Brown spotted/rosetted with possibility of Snow***

Nola X Roux - planned for Fall 2021

***Brown spotted/rosetted***

Maia X Onyx - planned for Fall/Winter 2021

***Silver and Brown spotted/rosetted with possibility of Snow***

We have been contacted several times recently by people who found our photos on scam sites. 

These scammers steal photos and text from real breeders' websites and advertise kittens for $400-800 with shipping included! Once you send them your money, they disappear from contact and you never get your kitten!  Don't be fooled!!! If we don't have what you are looking for, you can find more real breeders who are registered and health-test their Bengals here: 


Verified Bengal Breeders Directory

If you are unsure if a breeder is real or not, please ask us! 

We do not want anyone to fall for these scams.

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All the kittens below were born here at Sakura Bengals

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