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Rowan Silver Screen Debut


Retired Queen

Silver Spotted Tabby - retired end of 2020

Stella has contributed greatly to our program and others with her genetic diversity, beautiful eyes and chin, healthy heart, and super sweet personality!  She and her children are not eligible for show competition due to the outcross genetics, however in our eyes Stella is an "honorary" Outstanding Dam!  

Stella is currently living her retirement life with us, but may join her friend Tyler in a new home when he retires.  Her children that are carrying on her legacy in breeding programs are are listed below:


Sakura Giftof Chaos of Elysian - "Soahc"

Sakura Dark Night of MntOlympus - "Reign"

Sakura Secret Ingredient - "Roux" (current stud)

Sakura Dothraki of Dracarys - "Dothraki"

Sakura Summer of Dracarys - "Summer"

Sakura Windsong - "Aria" (upcoming queen)

Sakura Standing Ovation - "Andi" (upcoming queen)

Wildbeach Zhara of Sakura


Retired Queen

Brown Spotted Tabby - retired end of 2019

Zhara joined us late in her breeding career and only had a few litters with us.  She has many golden glittered babies living in loving pet homes.  She is now living a pampered retirement life with Summer in North Carolina.  Zhara has a single daughter carrying on her legacy in our program:

Sakura Northern Lights "Nola" (current queen)



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