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Sakura Bengals Adoption Process

Step 1: Read our Polices (required) and join our facebook group Sakura Bengals, Past, Present, Future (optional but recommended).  In our facebook group you'll be able to see to see photos of previous litters, current kittens, and chat with our previous clients.


Step 2: Submit Application for approval. (Scroll down for application.)

Step 3: Receive email from us to discuss available kittens and upcoming litters.  If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours of submitting your application, please send us an email directly to Occasionally the applications get sent to my spam folder and I don't see them.  Once I've emailed you, we can set up a phone call or Facetime if you'd like.

Step 4:  If you'd like to reserve a currently available kitten, the deposit is $500.  If we don't currently have the kitten you are looking for, you can choose to place a $250 deposit (50% of kitten deposit) to reserve your spot on our Priority Wait List OR ask to be placed on the unpaid wait list.  The unpaid wait list is a contact list only.  Everyone on the Priority Wait List will be notified first when we have available kittens.  If we have more kittens than Priority Wait List members, we will contact the unpaid wait list members next.  Kitten announcements will also be posted on our website and in our facebook group.  ALL deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to future kittens or litters.  All deposits DO apply to the cost of your kitten.  

Step 5:  Wait for your turn to choose!  I will let you know which kitten(s) I expect to be available based on your preferences (color, sex, pattern, etc) and will contact you immediately when it is your turn to choose.  This can be anytime between 2 and 8 weeks of kittens' age.  I will be in contact during the wait period so you will have an idea of timing.  I will also be updating photos every 1-2 weeks so you can watch the kittens' development.  We will discuss in email or a phone call whether or not the kitten's personality is right for you and will schedule a visit if you are close enough to meet the potential kittens in person. 

***If you are NOT on the Priority Wait List, you can still reserve a kitten that is listed on the website as "AVAILABLE."  Kittens listed as "Pending Wait List Selection" MAY still become available after the Priority Wait List members have chosen.


Step 6:  Once you have chosen your kitten, you will need to place a second non-refundable deposit of $250 to reserve your kitten.  This deposit also does apply to the cost of your kitten.  If something changes and you need to pass on your chosen kitten, you may apply your deposit to another kitten.  The only time a deposit is refunded is if we decide our Bengals are not right for you and remove you from our list.

***If you have not already placed a $250 deposit to be added to the Priority Wait List, your deposit to reserve your kitten will be the full $500 deposit.


Step 7:  Receive regular updates, Bengal information, and photos until your kitten is ready to come home!  The final balance is due either by check 2 weeks before pickup or cash in person when you pick up your kitten.  


Important info about kitten selection: 

*Kittens listed as "Available" are open for reservation.

If you are interested in an available kitten on our site and have not yet gotten on the list, fill out our application right away! 

*Kittens listed as "Pending Wait List Selection" mean they are on hold until the Priority Wait List members have made their selections.  They may become available at a later date if we have more kittens than Priority Wait List members or if any members are waiting on a different color or litter and choose to pass.

*Kittens listed as "Under Evaluation" means we are considering keeping them for our breeding program (or that of a breeder friend).  They may or may not be available later depending on their development.

*Kittens listed as "Reserved" mean they already have a deposit on them and are no longer available for purchase. 

Please fill out the Application below for approval!

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