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You've come to the right breeder for your beautiful and friendly Bengal companion! We are happy to provide references from our happy customers.  We have top quality kittens available from fully health-tested parents.  Pick up your kitten here in beautiful Western NC and meet the whole family or we can arrange delivery to some locations.  


Sakura Reese - born 5/18/2021

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RW TGC Oaklandhills Wild Rumpus of Sakura


3rd Best Brown Bengal in the Southeast in 2019-2020

RW QGC Sakura Midnight Sun  "Max"

3rd Best Brown Bengal in the Southeast in 2012

Sakura Bengals owned by Travis and Lori Denley is a family-run, home-based cattery breeding exquisite Bengal cats in brown, silver, snow, and occasionally charcoal, smoke, and melanistic.  We take pride in our ability to consistently produce Bengals that are beautiful, intelligent, and extremely friendly - the amazing temperament of our Bengals truly sets us apart!  We credit both nature and nurture - we have chosen only the best personalities for our kittens' parents and also raise all our kittens in our home with lots of love and attention, particularly from our two children.  We strive to breed WILD looking cats with the characteristically social and quirky BENGAL personality while maintaining the highest standards of health.  Each of our breeding cats and kittens are very loved and are truly part of our family.  Each of our females only have 1-2 litters per year so they are able to recuperate between litters.  We also only breed them for a few years so they are able to be spoiled pets for the majority of their years.


We have a beautiful building separate from our house where kittens live in their nursery rooms til they are litter box trained at around 6 weeks of age.  At that point they move into our house and take over!  They are well-accustomed to family life before they go to their new homes.  Our clients say their kittens adjust to new homes and pets lightning fast!  We never cage our cats or kittens!  Check out our "Kittens" page for available kitten information and our "More Information" section for additional information on how we raise our kittens.

We are now also breeding early generation Bengals!  


Haven (age 9) with Sakura Leo


Sakura Kylo

Sakura Northern Lights



Sakura Rongo


Sakura Dothraki of Dracarys

We are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, about 35 minutes from Asheville and 2.5 hours from Charlotte.  Kittens can be picked up here or we can meet you within a few hours' driving distance. For homes in other parts of the country we offer ground transportation or you are welcome to fly into Asheville and take your kitten home on the plane.  We do not ship our kittens via air cargo.

Every Kitten in the gallery below was born here at Sakura Bengals!

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