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This listing is a deposit only for a custom table skirt or grooming skirt for your cat show exhibitor set-up!  After purchasing this listing you'll get an email from me to discuss your custom preferences.  Pricing starts at $45.00 for a 44 X 55 inch skirt with printed cotton fabric and solid border and solid backing.  Premium prints start at $65.00 and can go up if you want a thicker heavier duty fabric and/or padding incorporated.

Custom Table Skirt Deposit

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Skirts, drapes, hammock covers, and toy holders can be machine washed on gentle cycle with like colors.  Skirts, drapes, and hammock covers can be tumble dried on low or line dried.  Warm iron only if needed.  Toy holders should be line dried.  Catnip kicker toys can be machine washed and dried.  Fur and feather toys should be spot cleaned only.

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